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Tapophone: Rhythm Game

Tapophone is our take on minimal rhythmic games, with an emphasis on melodies and real feeling of playing the tunes. We did our best to arrange the songs in a way that you tap the notes like you are playing real notes, not just pushing some randomly scattered buttons – almost like when you drum your fingers with a favorite song on radio.

We have prepared more than 120 songs in different genres from Classical to Folk to Electronic, all in high quality shape. In Tapophone, you can play a relaxing song before sleep, or entertain friends at a weekend party. It’s all up to you!

Some songs are marked as Supertracks, and they were chosen and arranged by us, from works of contemporary music bands. We were so lucky that these bands liked our game and trusted us. Big thanks to you guys! If you think that you also have a song which suits our game, we would be more than happy to get in touch with you. Perhaps in the next update we can have your songs in our collection.